1. "Tumblr is now available as clothes."

    I really like these cool pieces on tumblr’s online store: Men’s Avatar Tank ($18.00), Black Tumblr “t” Tee ($22.00), Tumblr Enamel Pins ($8.00/each), Tumblr “t” 5 Panel Hat ($25.00).

    You know what’s missing?


    I wish there’s an option to actually print your tumblr’s username on it.

    How cool it could be if you are wearing a ‘t’ shirt with your username printed on it?

    It’d be amazing!

    PS: All profits will be donated to ALSA.

    ph: tumblr

  2. My diet starts tomorrow, again.

  3. I like the smell of tanning lotion.

    It makes me feel summer all over again.

  4. Endless summer

  5. Magnum Chocolate Brownie

  6. Currently reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

    I’m on page 8 of 241.

  7. Moving forward

  8. Yes, I want to look hot in my skinny jeans.

  9. I grew up drinking Yakult and still wonder, why Yakult bottle so small?

  10. Landfall of Typhoon Rammasun, known here in the Philippines as Typhoon Glenda.